"My name is Jacqueline Whitehart and I am a Gut Health Warrior"

I am on a mission to free us from the traumas of IBS, bloated tummies and stomach cramps.

I don't use testing kits, dodgy science or inexplicable jargon.

If you've tried and failed in the past and think you can't fix the problem, I want to put those fears to rest.

I have been duped for too long by the 'healthy' low fat and artificially enhanced foods that the supermarkets sell as 'good for us'. They want you to think that there’s not a simple natural answer, but it’s not true.

And that means getting back to basics and finding the root causes of our gut problems.

Gut Health Warriors...
Eat well and lose weight naturally
Find and banish their food triggers
Know how to balance their digestive systems

Gut Health Warriors are motivated knowing they can fix their stomach problems and make their symptoms disappear.